NT Farmers Industry Development Manager, Greg Owens has been recognised for his tireless efforts in helping farmers develop strong farm businesses and management practices in the Territory by being awarded the Community Stewardship Award at the 2016 National Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner.

Greg has contributed significantly to Northern Territory vegetable growers particularly in dealing with and responding to Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV).

Incorporating effective biosecurity protocols into growing operations is more important than ever, especially in the Northern Territory, where proper management of CGMMV is a vital part of ongoing control efforts.

Greg provided a vital link between growers, the Government and broader industry stakeholders during the initial stages of the outbreak, and now continues to perform a crucial role in linking the CGMMV Management Program to industry.

To receive the community stewardship award, an individual or business must implement a system or program of safe storage, and use of on-farm materials above and beyond industry standards, and is also required to demonstrate the responsible planning and management of resources, leading to beneficial environmental impacts.

The award also recognised Greg’s community spirit and engagement with the Northern Territory farming community, especially the Vietnamese Horticulture Association and his considerable involvement in the drumMUSTER program, through which he educates local growers of safe on-farm storage, use and disposal techniques for agricultural chemicals.

The NT Farmers Association congratulates Greg on taking out this prestigious award despite the high caliber of nominations across all Awards for Excellence categories this year.