NT Mango Industry

The Northern Territory Mango Industry Association is a member group of NT Farmers and represents the Territory’s largest Horticultural Production with more than $62M worth of production annually.

The Northern Territory Mango Harvest is launched annually on the first Friday in October; however the harvest varies from year to year depending on seasonal variations.

OMG (Our Mango Growers) celebrates the importance of the Mango Industry to the Northern Territory. This iconic fruit is yearned for in the Southern parts of Australia and of course much loved by those in Northern Australia. The first Friday in October represents the launch of the Mango Harvest and it’s the day we tip our hats to Our Mango Growers and say thanks for their great efforts.

The Department of Primary Industries provides excellent information for growers of Mangoes. For more information, click onto;


For more general information, check out the Australian Mango Industry Association website on;


For information on employment in the Mango Harvest Season go to Harvest Trail website.