WHEN: 2 - 4 July 2018

WHERE: Darwin Convention Centre 

Food Futures intends to lead the debate in enabling effective policy action to maximize agricultural development in Northern Australia. The conference will focus on how development can be achieved by creating an environment where a wide array of stakeholders are brought together and encouraged to learn about and tackle the issues for positive growth across Northern Australia.

This attitude has been instilled in Food Futures ideological construction from the beginning. Conceived and developed by a group of successful farmers with the intent on establishing effective developmental pathways for the North by influencing strategic policies and taking advantage of new and emerging markets.

Major projects have been trialed, started and stopped many times in the past, this aspect has been noted across the board. Northern Australia Food Futures aims to provide a meeting point for engaged northern farmers, companies, government agencies and politicians to capture the best ideas for development by taking heed of past succes and failure.  Food Futures is coming into full swing around a time in which the various Governements are constructing their approach to take on Northern Agriculture, this makes it an opportune time to engage in productive debate.