Vegetable Growers

Vegetable Growers Group

NT Farmers has a large number of Vegetable Growers across the Northern Territory. The total value of production for Vegetables in the NT is around $30M per year.

The five commodities producing the greatest value in the Northern Territory are:

•         Water Melons

•         Asian Vegetables, Snake Beans, Chinese cabbage (Buk Choy and Wombok)

•         Rock Melons and Cantaloupe

•         Pumpkins, Triamble and Trombone, and

•         Melons and Bitter Gourd.

Tropical Exotic Fruits

Tropical and Exotic Fruits

The Tropical and Exotic Fruits Association (TEFA) is a member group of NT Farmers. Growers across the NT and Queensland make up TEFA which was established in 2007 to foster the development of the tropical exotic fruit industry estimated to be worth over $9 million annually.

NT Mango Industry

NT Mango Industry

The Northern Territory Mango Industry Association is a member group of NT Farmers and represents the Territory’s largest Horticultural Production with more than $62M worth of production annually.

The Northern Territory Mango Harvest is launched annually on the first Friday in October; however the harvest varies from year to year depending on seasonal variations.


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Harvest work is a great way to broaden your experience of the NT as well as get some extra work. Whether it’s picking fruit, packing produce, planting seedlings or pruning shrubs. So how can you find one? 

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