Current Projects List


Economic Profile of Plant Industries in the Northern Territory

The Profile is being developed due to a lack of up to date data on the economic contribution of plant industries in the Northern Territory. Having accurate data is crucial to all areas of work undertaken by NT Farmers Association, but primarily needed for effective advocacy. The Profile will focus on a number of economic parameters which are:
• Volume and value of production (GVP)
• Area under production
• Total capital investment
• Total annual expenditure
• Direct employment
• Total freight

NT Farmers Policy Position Papers

The position papers are being developed to enable NT Farmers to have a clear set of policy positions on a number of thematic areas. This will enable NT Farmers Association to be effective in its advocacy and also helps develop projects that are to be carried out by NTFA on behalf of members. The areas being focused on are:
• Infrastructure
• Water
• Freight and transport
• Strengthening the farming sectors
• Biosecurity
• Labour and workforce
• Land
• R&D
• Health and wellbeing


VG12113 Vegetable Engagement Project (NT Only)
Completed July 2016

The Vegetable Engagement Project developed two-way communication channels between the NT Vegetable Growers and the NT Farmers Association, to facilitate best practice needs and the activities required to facilitate the adoption of best practice. The project was instrumental in assisting vegetable growers through two major biosecurity incursions, by maintaining market access and implementing best practice on farm biosecurity.

VG15044 National Regional Capacity Building Project for Vegetables
Commences August 2016 – until July 2019

That National Regional Capacity Building Projects for Vegetables are funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited using the vegetable industry levy and funds from the Australian Government.
The project will build on the success of the engagement project by further facilitating the adoption of best practice in the areas of production, supply chain, and business practices. The capacity building project is part of a national group of projects to achieve the same outcomes across Australia. The project is specifically designed to bring the results of current research in the vegetable field to the Northern Territory Growers.

VG15013 CGMMV R&D Project

The CGMMV Project is a national project headed by NT DPIF to identify the gaps in the knowledge of various aspects of CGMMV. These aspects include, diagnostics, investigating possible transmission of the virus by bees, improved seed screening techniques for the virus and study of the longevity of the virus in tropical soils. NTFA is part of a national project team and is tasked with extending the findings of the research to industry and incorporating any relevant findings into on farm biosecurity best practice for CGMMV.

Action on the Ground Project

NT DPIF and NT Farmers are continuing to look at aspects of Nitrogen nutrition in mango orchards. The goal is to develop recommendations for the most efficient Nitrogen use and the least possible greenhouse emissions within tropical mango orchard management.

Landcare Spray Technology Project

The spray innovation workshops run in conjunction with NT DPIF Katherine will demonstrate the improved efficiency possible by incorporating modern nozzle and control systems management in broadacre or row crop spraying.

Landcare IPM in Vegetables Project

The IPM Project will link with the capacity building project and the Soil Wealth Project to set up and operate a demonstration site that investigates appropriate IMP programs for Top End trellis vegetable crops in conjunction with the DPI Entomology section.

NT Land Use Mapping Project

The Department of Land Resource Management is conducting a detailed land use mapping survey of the Northern Territory, funded by the Federal Government for use in biosecurity planning. NT Farmers Association and NT DPIF have been subcontracted to ground proof the remote data and provide plant industry specific information into assigning individual enterprise land use details.

Soil Wealth Demonstration Site Project

Soil Wealth and Integrated Crop Protection Projects are funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited using the vegetable industry levy and funds from the Australian Government.
The Soil Wealth Demonstration Site and Berry Springs links the NT with the soil wealth demo sites across Australia. It provides support for analysing soil wealth parameters in the NT and aims to assess the current best practice in soil management. Territory Natural Resource Management is providing support for the site as part of its sustainable production practices objectives in their Natural Resource Management Plan for the Top End.
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Magpie Geese Management Project

CDU is leading a project to investigate the current behaviour of Magpie Geese in Mango orchards in the Top End, in conjunction with NT DPIF and NT Farmers Association. The University is funding a PhD student who will look at the movement patterns of the birds during the mango fruiting period and investigate some of the potential control methods used across the world, and assess whether they are viable options for bird management in the NT.

Workforce Planning Coordinator – Funded by the NT Department of Business

The purpose of this project is to develop capacity of the farming and hotel industries to access the Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP), with a key focus on developing the access to labour from East Timor. The project will case manage up to five businesses across the two industry sectors over a year, to enable them to get registered as employers of the SWP. The project will also track the issues and propose solutions for improvement to the SWP.