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Forestry is a growing commodity in the NT. With African mahogany and Sandalwood plantations in the Douglas Daly region, Acacia plantations on Melville Island and native forest management in East Arnhem, these projects are currently being grown for many different products for domestic and international markets:

  • Furniture timber
  • Construction timber
  • Pulpwood
  • Essential oils and pharmaceuticals
  • The forest industry is a key employer in these regions. These forestry projects have an estimated value of over $500m

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Tropical Exotic Fruit

Tropical Exotic Fruits include produce such as rambutan, durian, custard apple, paw paw, pomelo and many other fruits more common in Asian countries. These crops are often sent to the large interstate markets catering to Asian consumers but are also often found at our local markets. Estimated value of this commodity group is around $9million.

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Field Crops & Fodder

NT Farmers continue to support our field crop and fodder growers. Growers are increasing their yield significantly in these areas and we are looking forward to continued growth in this sector. New field crops are being researched and developed especially in the more regional NT areas. We are seeing a greater demand for these crops as we have available land and are not likely to suffer drought conditions as effecting other parts of Australia.

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NT Farmers Association represents the grape industry. The majority of the fruit is grown in Central Australia. The industry produces approximately $8.7million of fruit per year which equates to 1950 tonnes.

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NT Farmers Association has a significant amount of melon growers in the NT. The most common melons include water melon, rock melon and honey due melon.
The NT melon industry produce approximately $45million of product per year. The melons are grown over 1100ha in total and equate to 46,000 tonne of fruit

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Other Crops

NT Farmers Association represent various crops that are still emerging industries.

These crops include fruit, vegetable and various broad acre crops. Some of this produce is already in the market and other varieties are still in the development and research stage.

Currently, these developing or emerging industries represent approximately $17.7 million in produce equating to 4500 tonne.

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NT Farmers Association has a large amount of Asian vegetables and other vegetables grown in the NT. The total production is around $38.5million for Asian vegetables and $5.5million for other vegetables.

The most common Asian vegetables are snake bean, buk choy, wombok, okra, bitter melon and long melon (considered veggies not fruits).

Other vegetables grown in the NT are lettuce, cucumber, tomato, zucchini, pumpkin and chilli.

Other varieties continues to be developed and researched.

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Nursery and Turf

The Nursery and Turf sector including growers, retailers, landscape designers, contractors and other allied traders are represented by NT Farmers Association.
The value of this sector is estimated at $17.7 million and continues to increase and develop it’s market share.

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NT Mango Industry

Sarah Hain is the Industry Development Officer for the Australian Mango Industry Association for growers and industry located in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

The Northern Territory Mango Industry Association (NTMIA), is a member group of NT Farmers Association and represents the Territory’s largest horticultural production with more than $112million worth of production annually.

This equates to approximately 40,000 tonnes of Mangoes and they cover approximately 6350 hectares – that’s a lot of mangoes!

The NTMIA Board consists of:

  • President: Leo Skliros
  • Vice President: Wayne Quach
  • Treasurer: Tou Saramat Ruchkaew
  • Public Officer: Ian Quin
  • Director: David Hague
  • Director: Han Shong Siah
  • Director: Jessie Jenkins
  • Director: Mitchael Curtis
  • Director: Phillipa Johnson
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