Important information regarding COVID restrictions in the Top End – 05/11/2021

This update contains important information regarding lockdowns, lockouts and travel advice, as of 11.30 am Friday 5 November 2021.

The Municipality of Katherine including Tindal has entered a lockdown. Police will be establishing interception points to control travel in and out of the lockdown area.

Residents from the lockdown areas must stay at home for the 72-hour lockdown period.

People are only permitted to leave home for the following five reasons:
1. Medical treatment, including getting a COVID test or vaccination
 2. For essential goods and services, like groceries and medications
3. For work that is considered essential under the CHO Directions and can’t be done at home, refer to list of essential workers
4. For one hour of outdoor exercise a day, within 5 km from your home with one other person or people from your home
5. To provide care and support to a family member or person who cannot support themselves. This includes separated families sharing the care of children.
Lock-out restrictions apply to the following areas:

  • City of Darwin
  • City of Palmerston
  • Litchfield Council
  • Wagait Shire
  • Belyuen Shire
  • Dundee
  • Bynoe
  • Charlotte
  • Cox Peninsula

Under a lock-out, vaccinated people can continue to be active in the community and MUST wear a mask. Customers and visitors to businesses will be required to show a vaccination certificate upon entry, in addition to checking in with a QR code. People unable to demonstrate proof of vaccination will be denied entry and service at businesses.

Unvaccinated people must enter lockdown and can only leave their home for one of the five reasons mentioned above.

Vaccinated and unvaccinated essential workers can go to work in both Katherine and Darwin. Only vaccinated essential workers are allowed to leave the area for work.

Click here to view a map of the lockdown and lock-out areas. Orange represents lockdown and yellow represents lock-out areas.

A person must not enter a lock-out area unless:- They are an essential worker and have been vaccinated
– The person is returning to the premises where the person resides in the lockdown area; or
– The person enters by aircraft, motor vehicle, public transport or bicycle for the purpose of travelling to a part of the Territory that is outside the lockout area.
People cannot exit the lockout or lockdown area unless they are a vaccinated essential worker.

It is likely that workers will experience issues moving within and out of lockdown areas.

NT Farmers are still awaiting formal Government advice however, we strongly recommend that you:

Essential worker classification
According to government directions, primary industries fall into the essential worker category:

Essential workers:
Primary industries, only to the extent required to ensure adequate supply of food to and care of crops and animals;
production and distribution of:

(i) food for sale by supermarkets, butchers, greengrocers, fishmongers, but not including production at an abattoir; or

(ii) medical and pharmaceutical products; 

If you fall into the essential worker category, we recommend that you carry proof of your employment and role. Possible proof could include a payslip that clearly states your workplace. 

If you do not fall into this essential worker category, you cannot move within or outside the lockdown area in Katherine.

Further updates
NT Farmers will continue to work with the NT Government to ensure that essential workers in the primary industries can travel and carry out business operations within restricted areas as required. Further updates will be sent as NT Farmers receive additional information and advice from the government.

Check or call the COVID hotline on 1800 490 484 for official information from the NT Government.

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