Katherine and Regional Development

The NT Farmers Plant Industry Development project has been funded by the NT Department of Primary Industries & Resources until 30 June 2020. 

The project has a focus with the development of new cropping opportunities, new area developments and new business development as well as focussing on the Research, Development and Extension opportunities.

Project objectives

The project involves three main components:

1. Working with existing farmers to improve and develop the existing cropping opportunities while introducing new cropping options that lead to a more robust, sustainable and profitable farming system. This involves working closely with existing farmers and being a conduit to facilitate required extensions services that enables a more supportive environment for the Northern Territory farmers to access new markets, diversify and explore alternative crops and products and to improve farming systems, logistics, farm biosecurity and labour practices.

A major part of the project is to work with the Northern Territory Government to progress the development and delivery of the Katherine Agribusiness and Logistics Hub that will enhance the opportunities for expansion of existing industries and the development of new cropping options and industries

2. Establish new crop opportunities by investigating new crops, technologies and farming systems to increase farm productivity. Utilising the climatic and seasonal advantages that the Northern Territory, select new crops that offer opportunities to enhance the development of a profitable farming system.

Working closely with existing farmers, demonstrate production viability alongside identifying and accessing new markets for the crops;

3. Identify new areas of opportunity in the Northern Territory that are not currently cropping and the expansion of existing crops to new areas. In development of new cropping areas there is a need to facilitate the investigation of the economic viability of farming options through liaison with land holders, potential growers and expert stakeholders.

A significant component in the development of new areas will be to explore and assist in implementing diversification options to improve resilience of businesses and industry in conjunction with the diversification on pastoral lands and the Indigenous estate.