Mango Business Industry Development

The NT Farmers Mango Business Industry Development project has been funded by the NT Department of Primary Industries & Resources until 30 June 2020. 

The project has a focus with the NT mango industry, however, has extended out to other horticultural crops that may have further domestic and export market opportunities.

Project objectives

Assisting industry stakeholders and commercial operations in the development of cold chain infrastructure, export development infrastructure, freight, quarantine/phytosanitary requirements, providing end to end solutions and operational activities.

Analyse export market development on existing Northern Territory produce for current Free Trade Agreement countries and other potential trading partners and countries.  Assessment of current state of play for horticultural crops that are already exporting out of southern markets, identify gaps, opportunities and assist in facilitating development.

Assisting mango and other horticultural producers with increasing their knowledge in quality and food safety assurance systems through the provision of training and knowledge sharing, providing up to date information on any supply chain changes and research and development extension activities.

Supporting producers to understand their supply and value chain capabilities which will enhance their commercial outcomes and sustainability of all businesses within the supply chain.

The mango industry in the Northern Territory makes up nearly 50% of all of Australia’s mango production and plays a pivotal role in the economic development of horticultural production in the NT and continues to go from strength to strength building capacity across the whole supply chain.