NT Mango Industry

Sarah Hain is the Industry Development Officer for the Australian Mango Industry Association for growers and industry located in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

The Northern Territory Mango Industry Association (NTMIA), is a member group of NT Farmers Association and represents the Territory’s largest horticultural production with more than $112million worth of production annually.

This equates to approximately 40,000 tonnes of Mangoes and they cover approximately 6350 hectares – that’s a lot of mangoes!

The NTMIA Board consists of:

  • President: Leo Skliros
  • Vice President: Wayne Quach
  • Treasurer: Tou Saramat Ruchkaew
  • Public Officer: Ian Quin
  • Director: David Hague
  • Director: Han Shong Siah
  • Director: Jessie Jenkins
  • Director: Mitchael Curtis
  • Director: Phillipa Johnson