Harvest Trail

Harvest Trail

NT Farmers Association is the Official Harvest Trail Service provider for the NT and Northern Western Australia region. We play an important role in connecting job seekers with harvest work on farms. If you are looking for work or staff – contact the Harvest Trail Coordinator.

NT Farmers help to streamline the staff hiring process and recruit staff for farmers. Soon Job seekers will be able to browse and apply for jobs on our comprehensive farm employment website. Our staff will interview job seekers, who apply for jobs through our website, and identify the best potential employees for farmers.

NT Farmers can also assist workers to access the AgMove relocation assistance scheme. Eligible workers who relocate for short term harvest work to regional or remote areas can access government assistance to assist with relocation costs. AgMove is made possible by the Commonwealth Department of Education Skills and Employment.

NT Farmers is committed to building a strong and reliable agricultural workforce in the NT.

Contact: Imran North 

Email : harvest@ntfarmers.org.au

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