The Great NT Water Story

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Water is an essential ingredient to our lifestyle here in the Territory. Water has shaped our culture and landscape for thousands of years and continues to be critical today.  However, we currently use more water than can be supplied in the long term.  On average, Territorians use around twice the water per capita than the rest of Australia.

‘The Great NT Water story’ is an educational resource, suitable to all schools throughout the Northern Territory, that has been developed to create awareness in our schools about the importance of water and to encourage Northern Territory students to take an active role in being water-smart.

‘The Great NT Water Story’ was developed by Power and Water and Living Water Smart, with the support of the Department of Education. It includes an e-book which is supported by a Teacher Guide that allows students in upper Primary School, and families all across the Northern Territory, to develop their own personal water story.

To find out more, and to download these valuable educational resources go to Power and Water.

For more information contact [email protected] or 08 8995 5861.

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