Water Discussion Paper

Water Discussion Paper

NT Farmers Association seeks your input on a potential charging for water policy in the NT. The NT Government has proposed introducing a price on water for the industry in the Draft Territory Water Plan.In response to the plan, the NT Farmers Board has developed a consultation paper for industry to consider and respond to. Click the download button to access the paper.

The NT Farmers paper proposes a charging for water framework that encourages the efficient use of water while minimizing the burden on producers. In the paper a set annual license fee (stage one) and a volumetric charge (stage two) are proposed. It is important to note that NT Farmers will advocate to ensure that charges introduced are not a financial burden on producers and are readily manageable. The paper proposes that revenue generated from a volumetric charge be invested back into the community.

NT Farmers believes that the NT has the chance to create a world’s best practice water charging framework that supports industry and doesn’t simply generate revenue for government. Industry might also use this as an opportunity to call for changes, for example the introduction of perpetual water licenses for agricultural water users.

Your input and feedback into the paper is vital. NT Farmers are committed to representing and advocating for your needs. Provide your feedback by the 5th of June 2023 to ensure that your voice is heard. It is important to note that this consultation paper is a conversation starter, the NT Farmers Board will seriously consider all suggestions and feedback from industry. All submissions/input received will be treated in the strictest confidence.

The more unified we are the more influence we can have on the direction of water policy in the NT. NT Farmers need to hear from you on this issue.

Please send your feedback to discussionpaper@ntfarmers.org.au If you would prefer to discuss the paper, contact Paul Burke on 0479 051 440