NT Farmers Team

Our Team

Trish James
Finance Manager

Trish is passionate about the industry and worked with the NT Horticultural Association prior to it becoming NT Farmers Association. She has an immense wealth of knowledge about the association and the industry.

Iain Forrest
Policy and Communications Officer

Iain assists NT Farmers to develop and write policies for the association. Also, he works with media enquiries, applies for funding and coordinates communications to our members. Before joining NT Farmers, Iain worked in various communication roles in the public and private sectors in Darwin and Canberra.

Dianne Renfree
Water Industry Development Officer

Di has 18 years working in the Northern Territory agricultural sector in various roles in research, technical sales, watermelon agronomy. She has always had a keen interest in farming since growing up on a mixed family farm in NSW. Di is committed to providing the farming sector in the NT with up to date technology and information.

Dominic Calder
Industry Diversification Officer

Dominic has a background in the horticulture industry in QLD. He is passionate about agriculture and the NT. His role is to promote and assist farmers with diversifying their farms and operations.

Mandy Tripcony
Projects Manager

Mandy's role at is to relieve some of the administrative load from the project officers, such as assisting with report writing, seeking funding, maintaining milestones and deadlines, to maximise their time on the ground, working with growers. Mandy will also work with the team to identify and apply for funding opportunities to support the great work of NT Farmers. Mandy has lived in the Territory for the past 11 years and has spent time in the Daly River and Batchelor regions.

Mariah Maughan
Vegetable Industry Development Officer

As the NT Regional Development Officer for the National VegNET program, Mariah assists vegetable growers in the NT with issues they are experiencing in their business and industry through providing one on one support, facilitating workshops and running field trials. Mariah has a background in the Agricultural industry of Northern WA including 5 years with DPIRD in Broome and Kununurra.

Tahna Jackson
Environmental Project Officer

Tahna has over 20 years’ experience in the agricultural sector, working in government and non-government roles advocating and supporting the agricultural sector. She worked at AgForce Queensland for over 11 years as a Regional manager and project manager, Prior to joining NT Farmers in April 2022, she worked as a team leader for the National Recovery and Resilience  Agency, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Tisha Tejaya
Biosecurity Officer

Tisha’s role is to support growers of a Non-English-Speaking Background with accessible resources and information to prepare and respond to Biosecurity Emergencies. Tisha is an award-winning artist and lawyer with a background in administrative law. Tisha is from a migrant grower background and is committed to showcasing the resilience of people working in agriculture in the Territory.

Patrick (Binyin) Di
Biosecurity Industry Liaison Officer

Patrick is working on developing on-farm biosecurity tools, improving on-farm biosecurity management plan to meet national industry standards, and supporting growers with technical and regulatory updates to achieve the area freedom of biosecurity risk. Patrick holds a BAgSci(Hons).