NT Forestry

Forestry is an emerging industry in the NT. The sector currently harvests $115 million worth of timber per annum, manages $1.32 billion in plantations and employs roughly 170 full time equivalent staff.

The Territory is home to extensive managed native forests, in addition to plantations of Indian Sandalwood, acacia and the world’s largest plantation of African Mahogany. The forestry industry provides significant employment opportunities in regional areas of the Territory, specifically the Douglas Daly, Melville Island and East Arnhem.

Territory forestry products are used in the following ways:

  • Furniture timber
  • Construction timber
  • Pulpwood
  • Essential oils and pharmaceuticals

The Forestry Industry Association of the Northern Territory (FIANT) was established in 2020 to advocate for the growing industry and to develop effective policy for growers. FIANT’s founding priority is to secure a nationally recognised forestry hub in the Territory. NT Farmers provide administrative and legal support to the newly established association.

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