Common Sense Rating System Needed

NT Farmers Association are calling on Ministers for food from around Australia to reform  the proposed health star rating system for fruit juices. ‘It is ridiculous that soft drinks full of  refined sugar can be rated as healthier than 100% Territory grown mango juice’ Said Paul  Burke, CEO of NT Farmers Association.  

‘Under the proposed changes, fresh fruit juice will loose its current 5 star health rating and  will receive between 2 and 3.5 stars yet soft drinks will be able to receive a 3.5 star rating.  The proposed system totally disregards the significant vitamins and minerals that are contained in a bottle of juice and are essential in a healthy diet.’ 

‘Tomorrow at the ANZ Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation, Ministers will decide whether  to support Australian farmers or the big soft drink industry when they vote on the star  rating system. The livelihoods of thousands of farmers across Australia depend on politicians  voting against this proposal.’ 

‘This decision will negatively impact our hard working mango farmers who sell their produce  to juice companies. It is feared that consumers who are misled by this new labeling system  will shift away from healthy juice options.’ 

The NT is Australia’s largest producer of mangoes, the industry produces 40,000 tonnes of  produce and contributes $112 million to the Territory economy.  

Ministers must support farmers with a common sense rating system that promotes healthy  eating, the proposed system has got to go. NT Farmers believes that this does not pass the  pub test!’ 

‘Show your support to Australian farmers by buying healthy 100% Australian juice.’ Said Mr  Burke. 


For further information contact Paul Burke, CEO NT Farmers Association on 0479 051 440.

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