What is the Water Productivity, Efficiency and Sustainability Project?

How can farmers optimise their water use? How can they achieve the highest yield with the lowest water input? How much water does each crop need? How can farmers use technology to monitor their water usage? These are all questions which the Water Productivity, Efficiency and Sustainability Project (the water project) seeks to answer. 

The five-year project will help farmers of fruits, vegetables and broadacre crops to enhance their water efficiency and use less water. 4G enabled soil moisture probes will be installed at numerous trial sites around the top end to provide an insight into current water use and the water requirements of our major crops. 

Data and findings from the project will help to drive water productivity efficiencies and ensure that water is sustainably managed for future generations and farmers.

Farmers are committed to sustainably managing water resources for future generations

Farmers are committed to the long term sustainability of farming in the Territory and are dedicated to improving their water usage. The project led by NT Farmers will guide farmers on responsibly using our water resources and it will underpin sustainable farming practices into the future. 

Soil moisture probe monitoring equipment on a snake bean farm in the Top End

The project will engage farmers from across the Top End and also connect with a large range of stakeholders such as environmental groups, the government, researchers and scientists. NT Farmers will deliver a series of field days, information workshops and extension activities to the public to raise awareness regarding the project and its findings. 

Water Industry Development Officer, Di Renfree from NT Farmers is leading the water project for NT Farmers. Di has an extensive experience of farming across Australia and in the NT. For five years she worked in senior roles in the melon industry in Katherine. Di’s experience in working in one of the most water-efficient agricultural industries in the Territory and ability to engage with growers makes her perfectly suited to deliver the project. 

Water Industry Development Officer, Di Renfree

If you are interested in staying up to date with the project, make sure to regularly visit this page and the NT Farmers Facebook account. 

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