Supporting Landholder Capacity for Quality Development Applications Across Northern Australia Project


As 2022 is about to wrap up, I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the project to date, it is muchly appreciated. Having started with NT Farmers back in mid- April, it has been a pleasure to meet many members and stakeholders along the way.

Agricultural development relates to a variety of agricultural and aquacultural processes and practices that either expand new production or increase the value of current production. Such developments might involve public or private sector investment, and traverse a range of planning, assessment, and approval processes.

This project seeks to:

  • Research the capacity development needs of landholders and their service providers in developing and progressing quality development applications;
  • Building the partnerships required to co-design the development of an appropriate short-course and micro-credential approach to lifting that capacity; and
  • Trail and evaluate the delivery of this capacity-building approach.
  • This approach aims to achieve a long-term focus on lifting the capacity of industry bodies, landholders and their service providers across this space.

The project is now in Phase 2, Capacity Building Options. Activities will include the following.

  • Identifying capacity development options for different groups in line with identified needs;
  • Developing options for delivery, including existing programs, tailored short courses, micro-credentialled courses, etc;
  • Evaluating options and deciding the best model for potential landowners, sectors and geographies;
  • Exploring delivery options and potential partnerships with educational and professional institutions;
  • Considering participant contribution/ other co-investors; and
  • Finalising the framework to evaluate capacity building program.

If you would like to find out more about this project, please send your details to Tahna on or phone 0409357211

If you would like to participate in the amended survey, please click on link

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