Harvest Trail Promotions

NT Farmers are pleased to launch a 21-video series promoting employment opportunities in the agricultural sector through the Harvest Trail. The videos were written and produced entirely in the
NT and features some of the Territory’s best farms and sights.
The videos target five key demographics that NT Farmers have identified as users of Harvest Trail Services. The videos promote employment opportunities to school leavers, university students, job
seekers, grey nomads and people looking for a mid-career change. In addition, the videos also target farmers as employers under the Harvest Trail program.

The videos not only raise the amazing career opportunities available in the industry but they also promote the Territory’s unique lifestyle.

The videos are broken down into different lengths and formats to suit the target audiences and media platforms where they will be exposed to the videos.

Check out the videos below
Long-form videos

30 second videos

15-second videos


8-second videos can be viewed on the NT Farmers Instagram page @NTFarmers

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