Indigenous Agriculture Development Project (2020)

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NT Farmers are the trusted and effective representative for farmers in the Northern Territory. They support and represent established and emerging agribusiness through effective advocacy, driving research, development, extension, marketing, and member and stakeholder engagement and services. The Indigenous Agriculture Development project’s (IADP) is proposed to assist Traditional Owner groups entering into the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries. The development of a broadacre industry within the Northern Territory presents some real and available business opportunities for Traditional Owners. 

Strategic Aboriginal Water Reserves gives a significant opportunity for the development of successful businesses on the Indigenous Land Estate. The project would be one of inclusion and working with Traditional Owners through the entire process from concept to realization of the development. This would include expert advice, advocacy and identification of training and skills gaps and ensuring these gaps are mitigated through a tailored suite of training measures. 

The document outlines projects to involve and create economic opportunities for Indigenous Territorians from agriculture.

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