Workforce Development Plan (2020)

NT Plant Industry workforce planning is a continual strategic action process used to align the needs and priorities of the industry with those of its workforce to ensure it can meet enterprise production
requirements and industry objectives.

A reference group led by NT Farmers Workforce Development Coordinator, Aisla Connolly in September
2019, through several focus meetings, workshops and teleconferences, established a strategic framework for industry to meet the workforce demands and needs in the plant industries across the

The NT Farmers Workforce Development Strategic Plan defines the challenges the industry faces with access to a workforce, including professional occupations. The plan has specific action plans in four
focus areas where a whole of industry approach will be required and identifies areas the Government should address for effective action to support NT Plant Industries as an economic driver of development
in the Northern Territory.

The four strategic focus areas are:
GROW & ENGAGE – Industry capacity, capability and leadership building
SHARE – Industry-led collaboration across Northern Australia
CREATE – Effective government policy and actions
LIVE – Promotions of the NT as a great, exciting place to work – full of opportunity.

The plan details the sector’s labour shortages and proposes strategies to attract staff to the Industry by 2025.

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